Training and sales

Training and sales

As well as horse-breeding, Trendy Horse offers a training center completely dedicated to young horses. The objective is to give the foals a solid base for a competitive sporting career. Maximum reliability in stable management, cleanliness, proper nutrition, farriery and programmed veterinary visits are part of the everyday functions at Trendy Horse.

Here are ourfoals and fillies:

LORD TRILLY (2010) Lordanos - Calato / Caretino

Lord Trilly

CHERRY BOMB (2011) Cassilano - Carpaccio / Raimondo

Cherry Bomb

TRISTAN (2012) Toulon - Carthago / Landgraf I°


HAMLET (2012) Goldfever - Indoctro / Ahorn


SWEET SURPRISE (2013) Sandro Boy - Carthago / Landgraf I°

Sweet Surprise

ZINA (2014) Zinedine - Calato / Caretino


NINTENDO (2014) Numero Uno - Connor / Casall


MATISSE (2015) Montender - Calato / Caretino


LIBERTINE (2015) L'Arc de Triomphe - Carthago / Landgraf I°



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